BRS 3000T Review

Over a year ago, I bought the BRS-3000T stove to test out its cheap and lightweight design. Although this stove is made in China and is sold for less than USD $20, its titanium and aluminum construction is of very high quality. I’ve brought it on numerous backpacking and beach camping trips, and it’s never let me down. It’s incredible how small and light it is, especially considering its affordable price. If you’re new to backpacking or outdoor picnicking, the BRS 3000T is an excellent stove to start with. But, surprisingly, it’s also perfect for experienced adventurers looking to reduce their pack weight. So, if you want a reliable, affordable, and lightweight stove, the BRS 3000T is definitely worth considering!

The BRS-3000T is incredibly simple to set up – just fold out the pot supports and give them a little pressure to secure them in place. The fuel regulator simply kicks out and is also a breeze to operate, but be sure to close the valve before attaching the stove to a canister. Before you start cooking, make sure the sealing ring between the stove and canister is in good condition. The only challenge you may face with the BRS-3000T is protecting it from the wind. But with a bit of creativity, you can easily shield the flame and keep your stove burning strong.

BRS 3000T Features & Specs

  • Boil time was measured in perfect conditions
  • Max load by the manufacturer is 35 OZ
  • One of the most lightweight stoves on the market
  • Includes a storage sack
  • Good heat control and supports simmering
  • Fuel not included

1.97×1.18 inches (5×3 cm)


1.3 inches (3.30 cm)


0.9 oz (26 grams)

Heat output

9200 BTU

Time to boil

3 minutes for a liter of water

Fuel types

Canister (Butane/Propane)

How Has BRS 3000T Held Up?

In my personal experience, the stove has proven to be quite durable. I’ve taken it on numerous camping trips and beach outings, and it’s held up remarkably well – no rust, no corrosion, and no clogging issues. The construction of the stove is impressive, and it looks like it should cost much more than it actually does. While the cooking arms may seem a bit flimsy at first glance, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a lightweight backpacking stove designed primarily for boiling water. And to keep the weight down, some sacrifices must be made. Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the BRS 3000T, and I think it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and affordable ultralight stove.

BRS 3000T Quick Look
BRS 3000T Unbox and Test Run
BRS 3000T With Ocelot Windscreen

What Are The Pros Of BRS 3000T?

The BRS-3000T is a remarkable canister stove that offers a lightweight and affordable solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Weighing only 0.9 ounces, it is the lightest stove available, making it a breeze to pack and carry on your next adventure. Its nylon pouch is lime-green, making it easy to spot in your backpack.

Even though the stove costs less than 20$, nothing feels cheap about it, it is sturdy and built to last. Made from titanium and aluminum, its quality is impressive. You really need to see and use it to believe how such a small and lightweight stove can do what it does.

The BRS-3000T is accessible to both seasoned backpackers and newcomers to outdoor cooking, thanks to its ease of use and affordability. It doesn’t have as many design iterations as some of its counterparts, but with proper care, it should last just as long.

Boiling a liter of water takes only four to six minutes, making it reasonably efficient. The BRS-3000T is one of the most straightforward and cheap canister stoves on the market. The price-to-quality ratio is excellent and it gives the high-end canister stoves a run for their money.

What Are The Cons Of BRS 3000T?

While the BRS 3000T stove boasts extreme lightweight and affordability, it does have its downsides. As you attempt to simmer, the flame becomes quite vulnerable to gusts of wind that can quickly extinguish it. If you light the stove in windy conditions before the pot is placed on top, the flame will literally be burning sideways, so you need to take care of your hands when lighting the stove. So, it’s best to think of the BRS 3000T as a lightweight water boiler, rather than a full-fledged cooking stove. Keeping a low flame consistent can be a bit of a challenge, especially if the canister is low on fuel because the BRS-3000T does not have a pressure regulator.

The stove isn’t the most stable option out there, but as long as you don’t overload it and use taller pots, it should be fairly steady. However, some users have reported that the pot stand legs can slowly bend under the weight of a full pot of water and food after prolonged use. It’s important to note that this doesn’t happen all at once – it tends to occur over repeated overheating.

When it comes to performance, the BRS 3000T is underwhelming. Boiling a liter of water takes anywhere between 4 to 6 minutes depending on the weather conditions, which isn’t very efficient, especially for butane fuel. Although the advertised boil time of 3 minutes may be a little exaggerated, it’s not too far off depending on the conditions.


If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable backpacking stove, the BRS-3000T is a great option. With its titanium and aluminum construction, this stove is built to last and its price won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a seasoned backcountry enthusiast or a beginner, the BRS-3000T is accessible and easy to use. It’s perfect for boiling water or cooking quick meals, and it’s small and lightweight enough to reduce your pack weight. We highly recommend it as an entry-level stove or a backup stove for longer trips in remote areas. Don’t be fooled by its low price, the BRS-3000T is a high-performing stove that competes well with its pricier competitors like the MSR Pocket Rocket.

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